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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
February, 2010

 Your suggestions and ideas for improvement are welcome – please call or email me.   Our major activities for February are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowners’ questions and comments about snowplowing, loud renters, dead trees, and a range of other issues.
  • The Watershed Committee (was Greenbelt) met on February 13th and made plans for 2010.  The minutes are on the Ponderosa website.  Next meeting is March 20 at  8am.

Clubhouse Use and Improvements

  • There are a number of groups enjoying regular use of the Clubhouse, including exercise groups, bridge club, yoga, book club, quilters, and other social events.
  • Members may rent the Clubhouse for private gatherings by contacting the office.  If you are planning to rent on a summer weekend, we encourage you to contact us soon, as those are popular dates.  Reservations are first come, first serve (fee payment is required to hold a reservation.)  The rental fee is $125 ($45 plus an $80 damage/cleaning deposit.)  The $80 is returned if the Clubhouse is clean.
  • We built an attractive fireplace opening cover to help conserve energy (and cost for electricity.)
  • We built shelves in the large crawl space under the Clubhouse to make it easier to store Social Committee decorations and the old records from the office.  We’re storing them in plastic bins, to prevent damage by the elements. 
  • For those who may be interested in the history of the Ponderosa, we have files going back to 1965! 

Maintaining Water System, Roads, Pool and Facilities

  •  February was our last month of snowplowing and sanding this winter.   We had a very light snow year and only used half as much sand on the roads as in a normal winter.  This will reduce our sand costs in 2010.
  • For next winter, we’re considering flooding the playfield for an ice skating rink with a small bonfire area.   We’d use leftover lumber to make a frame for the rink  and line it with plastic (which we already own.)  Please let us know if you have suggestions or comments.
  • In March, we’ll start our Spring activities which will include sweeping the roads.
  • The Board approved sale of our 1963 CAT road grader.  The road grader was sold at auction on March 4 for $2750. 
  • We’ve started burning our very large pile of brush near Camp 12 Road – we plan to finish before the fire ban.  This brush is primarily from Greenbelt maintenance.
  • Tuned up/repaired all lawn/yard maintenance equipment.
  • As we clean out areas, we found some unneeded items in good condition which we are selling at garage sale prices.  I sent an email last week with the first batch of items for sale --  we’ll add to the list throughout the year.
  • Cleaned and maintained the Clubhouse on a weekly basis.
  • Every week, we record water system usage at the wells and inspect the pump stations.  Each month, we have a water sample tested which always has a positive/satisfactory result.  The Ponderosa has excellent water!

Riata Rainstorm Damage

  • The developer has offered partial reimbursement of the costs we incurred to repair damage to Riata Road.  The Board has accepted their proposal and we are awaiting final agreement and payment from the developer.

Water System Projects

  • Would you like to guess how much water the Ponderosa used in 2009?  It’s a big number:  Approximately 33,543,289 gallons which consists of about 82% residential use and 18% non-residential use (fire department, swimming pool, road maintenance, etc…) Total residential use in 2009 is estimated at 27,505,497 gallons.
    • This translates to about 151 gallons per household per day.  Most cities estimate their water usage at 90 gallons per household per day (for a family of two.)  We are well over the average!
    • We have about 500 homeowners, but only about 100 are here full-time, so that makes our water use even further above average!
    • Please help us conserve water:  check your home for dripping faucets, malfunctioning toilets, and leaks.  Call us if you have questions or need the name of plumber.
  • This month, we conducted one water surveys for the project to increase the total number of “water service connections” assigned to the Ponderosa from 581 to 595.  
  • Our consulting engineer, Bill Schmidt, made progress on the emergency water pumping system.  We hope to complete this project this Spring.  The purpose is to provide propane power, during electrical power outages, to pump water for firefighting or other emergencies.

Financial Reporting

  • Completed and posted the January 2010 financial reports.
  • Completed federal tax payment.

Financial Management

  • Chelcie completed preparing and sending all the information needed for our annual Financial Review to LeMaster Daniels. They will have the review complete before the Annual Member’s Meeting in May. 
  • Completed transfers from the M&O account to the Capital Improvement Reserve and Water Capital accounts, as required by the Bylaws and Operating Procedures.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Thank you to all who have made your payments!  For those who have not, your payments are past due – please contact the office at 509-763-0320 to arrange for payment.  
  • The Board approved water shut off on February 25 for three properties for non-payment of delinquent dues.  One property avoided water shut off by making payment prior to February 25.  The second properties’ water was shut off on February 25, but water was restored later in the day when notification of payment was received.  The third properties’ water was shut off on February 25 pending payment.
  • The Board is considering our options with one foreclosure.

Support to the Board of Directors

  • Provided support for the Bylaws Committee and Nominating Committee.
  • Provided information for an addendum to our water system improvement loan application.
  • Continued the process of reviewing old files in the office and discarding unneeded documentation. 
  • Provided documentation and information to the board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on four (4) issues.
    • Financial reports and issues
  • On a weekly basis, reviewed issues and activities with the Director of Maintenance and Operations.





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