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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
Mid-October through December, 2014

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding the greenbelt thinning/logging project, clubhouse rentals, social activities in the clubhouse, email addresses for the Ponderosa group email list, names of tree fellers, weather conditions, federal and state shoreline regulations, plat maps, garbage service via Waste Management, PCC road right-of-way boundary line locations, and 2015 dues invoices which will be mailed in early January.
  • Chelcie provided New Member Packets to new members who joined the Ponderosa.
  • Provided information to escrow companies, banks, realtors, buyers, and sellers when properties are sold in the Ponderosa.
  • In November, the ballots were printed and mailed to all members in good standing.
  • Responded to complaints on rule violations: speeding, quiet times, and discharging firearms in the greenbelt.

Water System

  • The electrical meter base which serves Wells #5 & #6 was malfunctioning, and we had it replaced by the PUD. Ken is monitoring and expects this to resolve an intermittent problem which has been occurring on Well #6.
  • Worked with RH2 Engineering to complete the Hydraulic Analysis on the new water system. RH2 was on-site in late October taking measurements from fire hydrants. In December, we had a surveyor determine exact elevations for the reservoirs and 5 hydrants and provided this information to RH2. Their report should be completed in January.
  • Congratulations to Ken, who earned the Cross Connection Control Specialist Certification. In 2015, Ken will review and update PCC’s cross connection control plan, and inspect for potential cross connections.
  • Members reported water leaks on Spur and Cayuse. Both were homeowner spigots/irrigation systems which had frozen and broken. Geno notified the homeowners and turned off their water.
  • Prepared the water system for winter, which includes turning on heaters in the water system buildings.
  • Performed monthly coliform tests on two water samples. Both were satisfactory.
    • All test results were reported to DOH and posted on the office bulletin board.
  • Rotated well usage between our six wells and recorded well production volumes.
  • Accessed the water vaults to turn water off/on for homeowners, as needed
  • Performed water line locates, when requested by “1-800-call before you dig”.

Roads & Equipment

  • Ditches and Driveways Drainage
    • Ken and Geno created/enlarged the bar ditch along Stirrup between Colt and Palamino. Installed culverts under 4 driveways.
    • Armored areas around culverts on all the newly installed culverts.
    • This completed work on the high priority items.
  • Felled and removed a dead tree in the road right-of-way on Saddle.
  • Filled potholes on Spur, Stirrup, and Appaloosa.
  • In November, Ken and Geno performed annual services on all our vehicles and snow equipment: dump truck, F350, F250, Yukon, sander on the F350, sander on the dump truck, and our three snow plows.
    • Rebuilt the dump truck bed
    • Fixed problems with the F350 sander motor
    • Repaired various electrical/lighting issues on the dump truck and F350.
  • A “500 hour service” was performed on the backhoe by the CAT service department. In the spring of 2015, the backhoe will need a brake job.
  • In preparation for winter, we installed studded tires, and inspected and repaired snow tire chains.
  • Performed maintenance on the snow blower.
  • The new snow plow for the 1985 big dump truck was delivered in early November. We installed it (made new hydraulic hoses) and verified it operated properly.
  • Called Waste Management in early November to set up a winter communication process between their drivers and Geno and Ken, so that if the Waste Management drivers are concerned about PCC road conditions (i.e., snow or ice), they can call Geno or Ken. Every Monday, we prepare the roads for the garbage trucks which require greater traction due to their weight and size.
  • Ken and Geno started the snow plowing and road sanding season in late November. This will be our major activity through the winter, which includes keeping all the snow removal equipment operating. In December, we replaced the chain on the F350 sander.
  • Replaced street name signs on Thoroughbred and Morgan.
  • Ken and Geno pruned trees and removed shrubbery along roads to improve visibility and ease of snow plowing.

Watershed Committee

  • Provided support to Doug Pendleton, project lead, for the commercial thinning/logging project which began the end of January, 2014.
    • Received reimbursement from logging company for road damage repairs.
    • Signed and submitted November log sale contract to the mill.
    • Received DNR cost share reimbursement revenue.
    • Provided a detailed logging financial report to Doug and the Board for the December Board Meeting.
    • Answered questions from several members about logging and mulching in the greenbelts.
    • Notified members of trail cleanup status.
    • Participated in planning for autumn logging with Doug.
  • Provided support to Doug regarding members who have signed up for FireWise.

Buildings & Grounds and Swimming Pool

  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds: emptied garbage cans and did a final mowing before winter.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rental groups.
  • In preparation for winter, turned on the heater under the clubhouse to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Researched and purchased two double-pane windows for the caretaker’s house, which will replace the original single-pane windows.

Financial Management

  • Created and published the October and November Ponderosa financial reports.
  • Reviewed the monthly financial reports with the PCC Board of Trustees Treasurer, Shannon Stithem.
  • 2014 month-end and year-end financial transactions and tax payments were completed.
  • Met with the Chelan County Assessor’s office regardingthe Open Space property classification on three PCC greenbelt properties. This provides reduced property taxes to PCC. At the direction of the Board, completed the paperwork to continue the Open Space classification.

Homeowner Dues

  • Turned off water at one property for non-payment of dues.

Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meetings on October 11, November 8, December 13, and the Oct. 29 executive session to approve the final ballot language.
  • Updated Doug Barga and Daryn Wilbur with operational issues on a regular basis.
  • Provided a Board Member Handbook to new Board Secretary Kevin Sweeney.
  • At the direction of the Board, created a quit claim deed, communicated with the property owner, paid delinquent property taxes, and took all necessary actions for PCC to take ownership of 25831 Camp 12 Road, as was agreed to by the property owner.
    • Provided financial information and created a draft sales process for the Board.
  • Provided information to the Board and to our attorney regarding the RH2 dispute.
    • Participated in the Discovery process.
  • Prepared the final ballot for Board approval.
  • Provided support to the Hiring Committee for the new association manager.
    • Participated in interviews.
    • Began training the new association manager, Brad Ulrich, on December 13.
  • Took minutes for the November Board meeting.
  • Provided information to the Fire Department in regard to the merger with Fire District #9.
  • Wrote articles for the December Pine Needler.





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