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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
January, 2014

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities are listed below.

 Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding water leaks and frozen pipes, 2014 dues, clubhouse rentals, weather conditions, DNR permits, social events, flagging in the greenbelts, and requests for local businesses that snowplow driveways and for businesses that cut and remove trees.
  • Provided information to escrow companies, realtors, sellers, and buyers. For new members, provided New Member Packets.
  • Responded to questions regarding fire protection ratings, and/or referred them to CCFD #4 Chief Mick Lamar. Some insurance companies have request water system/fire department information from members. We are working with CCFD #4 to have the Washington State Rating Board (WSRB) review the Ponderosa’s fire protection rating. This process began last summer, but was put on hold until the hydraulic analysis (which involves the fire hydrants) is completed. The Board hopes to have the analysis completed this summer. A more favorable WSRB rating could possibly result in lower homeowners insurance rates for members.

 Roads & Equipment

  • Please obey the speed limit of 15 mph. It’s a safety issue for icy roads!
    • Please tell your guests to carry chains and use them when needed.
  • We continue to have below normal snowfall. Plowing and sanding of roads continues as needed.
    • Repaired hydraulic air valve leak on the dump truck.
  • Geno communicates weekly with the garbage company -- we prepare the roads for the garbage truck and recycling truck which require greater traction due to their weight and size.

Watershed Committee

  • Provided support to Doug Pendleton, Committee Chair and project lead, for the commercial logging project which began the end of January.
    • Geno is in daily communication with Doug on the project.
    • Processed paperwork, when needed by Doug.
  • Received several questions from members about logging and flagging in the greenbelts. Referred them to Doug.
  • The picnic table in the greenbelt at 22301 Saddle was in bad shape. We rebuilt, repaired and painted the table.
  • Began work on repairing a second greenbelt picnic table.

 Water System

  • There were a few members who were fixing water leaks in January (from the December cold weather.) Ken and Geno accessed the water vaults to turn water on/off, as needed.
  • The Sensus factory repaired the handheld radio-read device for the water meters.
    • We setup the handheld to configure our meters.
  • Conducted monthly coliform water quality tests.All tests were satisfactory and were reported to DOH.
  • Ken attended the Cross Connection Control Procedures class (CCCP) and will be taking the CCCP exam to obtain CCCP certification. Ken is revising our CCCP plan which was created in 1996 and was last revised in 2002.
    • The DOH requires us to have a current CCCP plan, created by a certified CCCP specialist, with an annual review of possible cross connection control situations.
  • Received the DOH annual water operating permit. Verified accuracy of information and payment calculation.
  • Began work on the annual Water Use Efficiency Report and the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, both of which are required by DOH.
    • Ken analyzed 2013 water usage as compared to previous years. Reviewed files over the last 20 years to collect and compile data.
  • Prepared the agenda for the Feb 13 meeting with our engineers (Integritech).
  • Ken provided Water Availability forms for members upon request. The forms are required by Chelan Douglas Health District when building permits and/or septic permits are issued.

 Buildings & Grounds and Swimming Pool

  • Ken and Geno performed troubleshooting and repair on the security system which runs between the office and the clubhouse/pool area. Repaired cabling and connections for the security camera system.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events, stored decorations in the crawl space, put together new furniture.

 Financial Management

  • Created and published the December, 2013 Ponderosa financial reports (which are the 2013 year-end reports).
  • Archived 2013 information.
  • Setup files and reports for 2014.
  • 2014 Month-end financial transactions and tax payments were completed.
  • Researched the best CD interest rates and provided information to Treasurer Stan Morgan. At Stan’s direction, communicated with the bank and provided information needed for Stan to open a new account and CD.
  • Began the process to create a “major asset list” to be used to estimate when assets will need to be replaced. Cost estimates for replacement can be factored into to capital reserves funding.
    • Reviewed depreciation schedules and several years of files to identify assets, dates, and costs.
    • Began reviewing assets to estimate longevity and replacement costs.
  • Began the 2014 insurance review, which will be completed by early March.
  • Renewed Chelcie’s notary certification.
  • Thank you to all those who have paid the first half dues! If you haven’t yet paid, this is a friendly reminder that payment is due February 15.
    • If you recently changed your phone or email, please be sure to update us with your February payment, or email us at pccoffice@nwi.net

 Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Updated Vern Little, Director of Operations, on a regular basis.
  • Worked with Stan Morgan regarding the Wenatchee-Chiwawa Irrigation District, for which PCC has irrigation rights. Stan will attend the next irrigation district board meeting where a recently completed study will be discussed.





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