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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Minutes of Board Meeting March 8, 2014

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Board Meeting for April is now on April 5th (not April 12th)

Annual Members Meeting May 25, 2013

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Important Information on the New Water Vaults and Water Valves

  • Snowplowing over the new water vaults is prohibited. Water vaults will be marked with snow stakes so they can be avoided. A transmitter in the vault lid can be damaged by snowplowing.
  • Using a truck or tractor mounted snow blower over the new water vaults is prohibited. Manual snow blowers are allowed, but damage to a vault will result in Violation Penalties, below.
  • Access to the water vaults and their contents is limited to Ponderosa personnel. Only Ponderosa personnel are authorized to use the water valves in the vaults. The Ponderosa will turn on/off water at the vault when requested by a member.
  • Water Shutoff Valves. All members with an authorized connection to the Ponderosa water supply are required to install and maintain, at their expense, a water shutoff valve for their lot on their property.
  • Violation Penalties. If these provisions are violated, the Bylaws and Operating Procedures authorize the Board of Trustees to impose fines commensurate with the costs of repair, terminate water service, deny privileges, and/or revoke member in good standing status.

Rules and Regulations for Burning in Central Washington

·         The rules have changed on burning in the Ponderosa. There are several places to obtain this information.

  • The Fire Department has posted information about burning rules on the mailbox kiosks, at the Fire Department, the PCC office, and PCC kiosk.
  • The Fire Department has also provided a pamphlet from the Department of Ecology called “Learn Before You Burn in Central Washington”.  These are available at the Fire Department and the PCC office.
  • The pamphlet from the Department of Ecology called “Learn Before You Burn in Central Washington” is available on the web site. Click Here.
  • The Feburary Pine Needler has important information on changes to burning rules and resources for storm cleanup.

·          Please be vigilant when burning and ensure your fire is completely out before leaving.


Tips for Conserving Water

Click here for tips on easy ways to conserve water.  Help conserve this important resource.   Thank you!

Forest Fire Videos

The following video clip from a Montana TV station demonstrates what can happen if fire fuels are not dealt with correctly. Click here to watch the short video.

"The choice is not whether or not these forests burn. The choice is how they burn. And it was the experts who approved the all-out ban on fires in the Southwest. They got it wrong.

That's the view of fire historian Stephen Pyne. "The irony here is that the argument for setting these areas aside as national forests and parks was, to a large extent, to protect them from fire," Pyne says. "Instead, over time they became the major habitat for free-burning fire."

So instead of a few dozen trees per acre, the Southwestern mountains of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah are now choked with trees of all sizes, and grass and shrubs. Essentially, it's fuel. And now fires are burning bigger and hotter. They're not just damaging forests - they're wiping them out. Last year, more than 74,000 wildfires burned over 8.7 million acres in the U.S."

Click on the link below to see a video about managing forest fire.


Owners’ Guest Guidelines
Ponderosa Community Club

Before you loan out your home to guests please:

  1. Give the PCC office your Owner(s) Name, Ponderosa Address, Email and Phone Number.  Please provide the information via email, letter or in person.
  2. Give the PCC office a phone number for a local contact (less than 1 hr away) if possible.
  3. Give surrounding neighbors the above information (1 & 2).
  4. Post NO FIRES sign (as provided by PCC) by front door or on refrigerator.
  5. Post Ponderosa Rules (as provided  on the PCC website) by front door or on refrigerator.
  6. Provide 2 parking spaces or 1 space per room (whichever is greater). Vehicles overflowing onto PCC private roads are subject to towing at owners expense.
  7. Have Garbage Service and have cans placed and removed from street within 24 hrs of Garbage/Recycle pick up.
  8. Be responsible for any Fines assessed for rule(s) violation during the stay of any rental guest (as well as personal guest, or owner).
    If Vacation Rental, at time of Rental:
  9. Each Vacation Rental Owner needs to contact the office (via email) at least 24 ours before arrival if they personally, or their non-paying guest, will be using the pool. (Paying guests will not have access to community pool as per PCC Rules and Procedures)
  10. In case of emergency, the above registered owner will have the name, cell phone, and number of vehicles with license plates (if possible) of each rental guest vehicle available (to give to a forest ranger, fire chief, etc.).

New Trails Map

We now have new greenbelt trails maps on the web site. All are welcome to hike these trails. To find out where the trails are use the trails map. Happy hiking!


Chelcie has updated the New Member Packet – it has a lot of useful information.   If you’d like a copy, please let us know.

See Social Calendar

If you would like to plan a Social Activity for 2014, please contact the Board with your ideas. 509-763-0320.

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