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Wildfire Information Emails from Ponderosa Office

Mon 7/21/2014 12:34 PM

Just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know we are still on a level 2 alert.   

At about 11:30 am today, the CCEM posted a map and comments about the Chiwaukum Creek fire.  You will have to go to their page to take a look at it.  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=602740879838966&id=188543097925415

KOHO Radio 101.1 FM

Sunday infrared scan of the Chiwaukum Fire. Latest figures at 10,527 acres, 10% containment and about 920 personnel.

Take care,


Fri 7/18/2014 7:32 PM

Ponderosa is now in a  Level 2 alert.  However, our Fire Department  is recommending you only come back if you have to, want to, or need to (i.e. this message is for full-time residents and still at your own discretion).  Things can change at a moment’s notice still, so if you don’t have to be in the Ponderosa right now, it’s probably better to just wait until the coast is clear.


Fri 7/18/2014 9:13 AM

Good morning – just checked in with Ken.  He said everything is still about the same as yesterday (still on level 3 alert, everyone is still on evacuation notice, don’t turn on your sprinklers before you leave, etc.)  The one thing that has changed - our water levels are now back up to normal.  That is good to hear.

If you’ve been glued to the CCEM Facebook page like I have….you may have already seen this.  Please pass this on to your neighbor.  There are a lot of people who don’t do Facebook or the internet and may not have access to this information but have a phone and/or text.

CHELAN COUNTY Community Fire Briefings Planned for Chiwaukum Creek Fire

Incident: Mills Canyon Complex Wildfire Released: 11 hrs. ago

Two community fire briefings are planned for the Chiwaukum Creek Fire.

The first meeting is scheduled for Friday night at 6:30 in Plain, Washington at the Plain Community Church.

The second community briefing is also at 6:30. It will be Saturday night, July 19th at Cascade High School in Leavenworth, Washington.

Fire officials will share information about operations on the Chiwaukum Creek Fire.

 For additional information, please contact the Incident Information office at 509-888-5160 or 509-784-9131.


Thu 7/17/2014 10:28 AM

Ponderosa is still on a level 3 alert. 

I need to pass on some very important information from Ken, our Caretaker.  This is very important.

Apparently there was a large number of people who turned on their sprinklers before they left the Ponderosa (for the evacuation).  There is also a large number of people who already have their sprinklers already automatically set.  The combination of the two is seriously deteriorating our water supply.  We need to save the water in case we need to fight the fire.  Ken and Geno are turning off any sprinklers they see.  Obviously don’t come back to the Ponderosa to turn off your sprinklers (Ken and Geno will do it) but please, if you are leaving don’t turn your sprinklers on.  Last night the water system was seriously low.  We are now on our way back up to some decent water levels.

Also it is highly recommended that you stay away from the Ponderosa right now.  One of the reasons we  are probably at a level 3 and Plain is at a 1 is because we are at the dead end of the road-with only one way out.  This is probably the same reason the police have a presence right now in the Ponderosa.   Right now they are taking inventory of who is here and who isn’t.  Every time someone comes in they have to be checked in and every time someone goes out they have to be checked out.  This is a lot of work for the police and frankly is just putting more people in danger.

As soon as I get more info I will pass it on. Take care, be safe


Wed 7/16/2014 7:41 PM

Ponderosa is at a level 3 alert and the Ponderosa fire evacuation siren has sounded.  Please be safe.

Wed 7/16/2014 1:04 PM

Update from Chelan County Emergency Facebook Page (google it or go here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chelan-County-Emergency-Management/188543097925415?fref=nf

US 2 is being closed at Coles Corner Unknown for how long.

Heads up...looks like Plain River Road and Ponderosa are going to LEVEL 3....if you can you should leave the area.

Wed July 16, 2014 11:55 AM

We are trying to get the word out, please pass on to your neighbor – we are on a Level 1 alert.  Our Fire District, District 4 recommends not coming to this area unless you have to.

Level 1 – Evacuations are an alert.  Residents should be aware of the danger that exists, and monitor local media outlets for information.  Residents with special needs, or those with pets or livestock, should take note and make preparations for relocating family members, pets, and livestock. Level one evacuation warning means that there is fire in the area and it is suggested that you begin preparations for evacuation.

Level 2 – Evacuations indicate there is a significant risk to your area, and residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the area, or, be ready to leave at a moments notice.

Level 3 – Means danger is currently affecting your area or is imminent, and you should leave immediately.

This is not to alarm anyone – as a reply to my first message, I was asked “what are the evacuation signal methods”.  It doesn’t hurt to remind everyone. 


Fire siren will sound for ½ hour. (2 min. on/ 3 min. off)

  • Take only what is necessary: family, pets, prescriptions, cash, important papers, photos.  If unsure leave it.
  • Turn off sprinklers.  Fire Department will need the water.
  • Observe one-way roads.  Emergency vehicles will be coming in.
  • Report to the check-in facility (if established) so you are accounted for.

Please cooperate with all Fire Department instructions.

Marlene (Secretary, District 4) says there should be an additional update this afternoon. 

Additionally, here is a forward from George Wilson:
A fire believed ignited by lighting on Monday afternoon came alive yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon several miles SW of the rest area on US2. The fire grew rapidly and is considered a major fire. In anticipation of high temperatures and high winds, Level 1 evacuation notices are being issued for all of River Road from Beaver valley Highway to the end of the travelled road and for all of Ponderosa.

Significant changes in the status of this fire will be posted on www.lakewenatcheeinfo.com  as available. Fire officials advise that if you are not in the area already and need not be here this weekend please consider not coming. There will be considerable fire traffic on the roads and in the air and air quality conditions may be severe. 

Also, here is another GREAT website if you are looking for more information



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